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October Winner + November Theme
October sure brought some interesting and unique entries! I loved watching them come in and seeing how y'all would interpret the Halloween theme. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. But alas, only 1 person can win. So congratulations are in order; Congrats, Moorbs! Your Pumpking was stunning (though I must admit to thinking it resembles Jack Skellington for some reason... maybe cause he is the pumpkin king... huh idk... moving on!)
Our contest this month will be taking a moment to share in the tradition of November. We will be giving thanks to... FOOD! That's right people! FOOD! Make whatever you want, so long as it has to do with food! Apples, Oranges, Kale... CUPCAKES, TURKEY, HAM! Whatever your gluttonous heart desires!

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I made a shirt...
Yeah, I'm working on making some custom clothes (hopefully) so I did a basic shirt that fits the tda len body. I am wondering if someone can help me clean it up since its mostly rough in the sleeve area. I'm still new to 3d modeling clothes, so I don't expect it to be amazing. I'll give you the mqo file if you can assist. Thanks again.
LoL: Zoe- HI!!!! (Outline)
Outlined my art. Feel free to use/color, but credit me if you do for some reason.
LoL: Zoe- HI!!!! (Sketch)
I fucking love her already. She is so cute, but I probably won't pick her up since based on what I see she isn't my play style and I tend to be more mage/tanks/healer supports. Either way, a rough sketch. I feel like the arms are off, but I tried my best a bit.
Character Design- Eloi(EHL-o-ah) Siskin- Finished
Still no name, but at least the coloring is done. O u O

Edit: I finally came up with a name which mixes Latin and German. Eloi meaning "Chosen", Siskin meaning "Sweet Child". So Chosen Sweet Child.
Character Design (un-named)- Progress WIP
Right now I'm just updating his colors, shading, ect. I still have no name for him yet, but I do like his look and this is the first time I've made a character with dark skin tone that I feel proud of. I do need to go back in and re-adjust the shading on the left eye to make it more cast in shadow, but for now I thought I would post progress.

Still looking for name suggestions. : 3 Think Europeanish, Old English or names that sound sort of fantasy like.


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Hi every one. I am luckygirl88. Nice of you to come and view me. There isn't much about me other than I like to draw, do some graphic stuff here and there, do sprites, write and on top of that do cosplaying with friends or with random people.
I've meet some nice people while doing cosplaying and its an awesome feeling when you meet some one new.

Any ways, feel free to chat with me when on or off. I usually do come on to check new art and messages, so I'll try and reply. If I don't answer, then I might be on the following:

Gaiaonline: I-Iearts
Youtube: GaarasIchibi88
Tumblr: Luckygirl88

Have a nice day all!!!! If your here to stalk me/troll me, get out or I'll kick you out. ^_^
Right now I have this story idea that is constantly changing to some vary degree. The thing is, I had a dream about this boy and his mentor and both were alchemists and it was this sense of a student and teacher relationship that somehow later ended up having the boy go to a academy for alchemists for some reason. However, I ended up cutting out the academy bit as I felt it was very cliche in writing/story telling and the way it was going felt like it would be too much "My Hero Academia" like. Don't get me wrong, I do like the anime from what I've seen, but I didn't want another "magical" school setting for a story. It feels done and slowly overrated. Just like how many times can you re-tell the story of Romeo and Juliet before it becomes boring and repetitive? 

So what I'm about to share with you guys is sort of a jumbled mess of ideas and probably won't make sense reading it. It's just my current way of writing things down so I have grasp of how I sort of want things:

Story: Young boy, approximately 14 discovers he can manifest a rare alchemic element known as Aether. The boy is homeless and has no parents or other family members he can recall. He feels a sense that he has family, but memories of his past are blurred or removed from memory. Thus, he struggles to re-call his past, while struggling to live in his current present of homelessness. He steals from vendors to live on his own. Whatever he needs, he steals the items and typically gets away with a device he made. This device is an extendable hand that acts like a grabbling hook. This hand can be launched to further distances to get from ledge to ledge or any other area that needs to be grabbed onto. This hand can be extended further out when the fingers themselves can be even launched out into further reaches. He develops a prototype out of random garbage that he can find and makes it work, until it eventually breaks and he just tries to find better and stronger materials.

Upon one of his days of stealing, he bumps into a mysterious shaded and cloaked figure. This figure only reveals his eye to this boy, but with a sudden burst of shock, senses something powerful inside the boy and grabs him. The boy thinks he will be reported to authority, but it turns out the mysterious figure has other plans for him and thus begins to take the boy in as his student, to teach him the laws of alchemy. This figure, who becomes the boys mentor wants to harness and bring out the boy’s unique elemental properties within. He tells the boy about how the law of alchemy works and that those gifted and lucky enough have elements they are born with and can manipulate. These elements being the core elements- Fire, Wind, Earth and Water. However, he further explains that there are some lucky enough to be born with the ability to master two elements. He considers these people born with such talents as rare and thus are gifted to form third elements. Third elements are combinations or two elements that form a new elemental property. It has been studied in the alchemy world, but not much detail has been written on why these people are born with two elements instead of one.

The mentor continues to explain that it was theorized that there is another main element, but it has yet to be proven. He talks about this element as being Aether. Aether is an element that can control the function of gravity. It is said that this element can control the objects and the gravitational force sounding that object as well as the impact of gravity around anything object, including human beings. Aside from that bit of information, nothing more is said on how this element works and studies and research have been devoted to finding this element. This is where the mentor tells the boy that he thinks he is the key to unlocking this 5th main element, that he is the main user of the element, which is why they are undergoing research, study and training to see if they can unlock the ability within.


(Parents of boy in relation to events going on. Parents potentially kidnapped away from child. Child was put into a coma like state where he recalls nothing and wakes up alone.)

 Parents believed they were onto the verge of understanding and finding the 5th missing element (which later the son would be able to master/use). The parents theorized about how planets moved, object moved and the forces that acted upon them. They believed if they could understand this mysterious element at play, then all elements would be solely connected to this main element. They believed this 5th element to be considered the “god” element, birth to other elements. However, many true alchemists and believers did not like this theory nor was there proof to back this claim and rejected them and their studies and research. The boy’s parents knew this element existed and believed it truly, even sensing the same untapped potential in their son to be the key to unlocking the mysteries.


Elements Alchemists Can Master- Fire, Wind, Earth, Water, Aether (rare)

Aether is a form of gravity, able to control and bend gravity

Elements Alchemists Can Sub Master (knowing two elements)- Lava (Fire + Earth), Lighting (Fire + Wind), Metal (Fire + Water), Sand (Wind + Earth), Ice (Wind + Water), Mud (Earth + Water)- Aether cannot form a sub element with any of the other natures

So yeah...lay down thoughts, ideas, questions, concerns. At this point I don't have a plot or climax. Right now its more of a general beginning. I'm trying to figure out where I want to take this. Do I want the boy to search for his parents? Do I want this mysterious mentor figure to be hiding something? Do I want this boy character to fully awaken his abilities or just tap into them? Do I want some additional characters to play key roles? These are things I've been thinking about on how I want to write this out. I want to try and stick somewhat historically accurateish to alchemy. I had ideas that maybe aside from elemental like powers they could study, research and invent or craft things in regards to realish (well what has been documented) alchemy. So again, help out if you can.



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